Before, side view Before, front view

I bought this ATC in July 2006. Here is the list of things wrong with it when I got it:

  • Wouldn't idle, because it was missing the airbox
  • It smoked really bad out the exhaust
  • Carburetor needed to be cleaned
  • Front fender was cracked and held together with screws
  • Rear fender was cracked by the left wheel and had been repaired
  • Seat pan was rusted to nothing, so the seat was zip-tied to the rear plastic
  • Gas tank had a bunch of dents
  • Rear tires were pretty bald
  • Wrong headlight

  • After, side view After, front view

    Here is the list of things I fixed or replaced on it:

  • Bought a used airbox and new UNI filter on eBay
  • Installed new piston rings
  • Cleaned the carburetor inside and out
  • Bought a used front fender from the Moshers on 3wheelerworldforums.com (3WW)
  • Bought a used rear fender from a local guy on CraigsList
  • Bought a complete used seat with good seat pan on eBay
  • Got a nicer gas tank from a 1981 185s parts trike that I bought on CraigsList
  • Also used the rear tires from that '81 parts trike. Painted the rims silver
  • Bought a used headlight from willrideanything on 3WW